David Hilton

"“We have never participated in such a (mediation) process before and were rather unsure and uncertain before we participated. Nevertheless you helped us through an especially difficult joint meeting, helping us to navigate it so that we were able to see more, discuss perceptions and issues and actually agree areas that hitherto we had not come close on. Outcomes are always unpredictable but I feel that with your input we undertook a process that was excellent and as good as it could be given the circumstances.”Dr Bill Cunningham,retired Corbridge GP. "

Mediator and trainer for 'Out of Conflict: Mediation' since founding the business in 1998. Prior to which employed in the Education sector.

Why Choose David?
  • He facilitates a successful resolution in over 80% of mediations and partial or conditional outcomes in some of the remaining 20%.
  • He has built a portfolio of casework in many diverse contexts with excellent generic mediation skills as well as knowledge of key issues pertaining to each sector or person.
  • He’s established a reputation for excellence of delivery and recording of outcomes
Areas of Expertise
  • business/the workplace in public and private sector casework; Professional Associations and Trade Union employee/employer/colleague disputes
  • civil and commercial cases; landlord tenant disputes, disability and equalities work, termination of employment
  • NHS Trusts, employees and patients’ complaints.
  • Developed a knowledge of legislation relating to a diversity of contexts especially Disability and Equalities discrimination enabling significant improvements in service provisionacross the UK for people with disability and equalities issues, such as with major transport or retail providers
  • Facilitating reconciliation of issues and feelings between participants when high emotions are exhibited even when no financial settlement is sought, especially in disability,educational and Health Trust cases
  • Education. Enablingparents, school pupils, F.E. and HE students and staff employed in these sectors or L.A. providers to resolve disputes around course provision, learning support and course outcomes whether through the Equalities Mediation Service or directly. This often involves-

Providing feedback to relevant key personnel which has informed legislators and other reforming organisations

Empowering many young people and their parents or supporters to take ownership of the outcomes and work constructively with providers to achieve them.

Helping many of those concerned to avoid the costs and trauma of a Tribunal

Managing high emotion and severe communication difficulties between participants

  • Work with BSL signers to ensure productive communication for those with hearing impairments

Ensuring reasonable adjustments and access for meeting the needs of mediating parties

  • Family Mediation MIAM meetings and subsequent mediation of divorce cases where appropriate for privately funded clients only.
Professional Memberships
What David Says?

I love the dynamics of mediating participants- they are never the same twice (the participants or the dynamics!) and the feeling of satisfaction when they walk away having ownership of, and relieved with, the outcomes is rewarding. Many of my cases have materialised when other means of dispute resolution have failed and are particularly intractable at face value. This only makes the successful outcome for everyone even more satisfying.

What other people say / Testimonials

CPD peer observation of a mediation- “You held the boundaries well and demonstrated impartiality, were informal yet professional and this was reflected in the parties who gelled quickly with each other. Because of your open approach I believe that they felt that some kind of trust had been established very early on, which created a conducive environment…..You kept everyone focused by good management skills and appropriate, sometimes challenging, questions…..What really impressed me was your ability to highlight and pin-down people who made half-hearted offers so that outcomes were beyond doubt.

Jo Yates, Mediator for Special Educational Needs and Equalities Mediation Service

“Performance has improved, stress and anxiety levels have been reduced for both the participants and those around them. This clearly makes for a better working environment…the team has taken on more work and expanded without difficulty. It (mediation) has reduced the propensity for issues to create illness and absenteeism. It has created a better working relationship between those involved.”

Housing Manager, Public Sector, N.E. England

“Thank you very much for mediating. I was VERY pleased with the outcome because there were times in the pass when I didn’t think my case would be able to continue all the way threw….The outcome will not only help me but will also help other wheelchair users and that was my idea in the beginning…”

Equalities Mediation Service client with severe physical and learning difficulties - Midlands

“Please forward my thanks to Mr Hilton. I am very impressed with the effort, time and expertise which he very efficiently devoted to me and my concerns. His patience, courtesy and general attitude were refreshingly reassuring. After many months of complaining my complaints are resolved.”

NHS patient with C.O.P.D.