What’s holding back litigation solicitors from early mediation of disputes

09 Feb 2018

At our November 2017 quarterly meeting of NDR mediators the scenario for discussion was - 

‘Litigation is now seen as a solution of last resort and yet the professional advisors to the parties seem reluctant to embrace the idea that the best course of action for their clients is to attempt to resolve the problem by mediation. Why is this?’



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Mediator Challenges - 1

05 Feb 2018

At our February 2018 meeting, we held an open forum discussing four particular scenarios to challenge our mediators. There are no set answers to the challenges but we did reach something of a conclusion to each. The challenges are for each of the phases of a normal mediation.


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29 Sep 2017

At the September 2017 quarterly meeting of NDR mediators the scenario for discussion was

‘During the course of a mediation where one party was pursuing the other for non-payment of monies and the other was resisting on the basis of excessive charging, it becomes apparent to the mediator that the contract between the parties included a payment by cash to avoid incurring value added tax’. What should the mediator do?

The ensuing debate raised and it is thought resolved many issues.



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All Parliamentary Group to change the climate and culture of dispute resolution

08 Dec 2015

Northern Dispute Resolution welcomes the establishment of an All Parliamentary Group with the Civil Mediation Council and others to ‘change the climate and culture of dispute resolution in the UK’.

A recent Ministry of Justice survey of 2.5% to 3% of all claims lodged at court last year reported that 82% were first time litigants who would have preferred to settle their dispute outside of court. However, the data shows that although applicants attended mediation and assessment meetings in 18% of cases, 41% per cent had not (with no information about the remaining 41% provided).

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Mediation...Meeting the needs of the party

21 Oct 2015

How many say “It wont happen to me” or do not realise that differences of opinion can escalate into disputes that cause delay, stress, loss of money and broken relationships? Each of us strive to avoid contention and litigation, but there are times when help is needed to find a resolution.

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