Resolving disputes doesn’t have to cost the earth

21 Oct 2015

I suppose compared to building the Olympic Park or Wembley Stadium it wasn’t a big job, it wasn’t even a middle sized job but at £40k it was certainly major works to the house owner and probably the builder too.

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How to Approach Mediation

12 Oct 2015

If you’re in the middle of a dispute, you’ll know how stressful and worrying a time this can be. The good news is there are ways of finding a positive way through and one of these is mediation. Here’s our advice about how best to approach this.

In preparing for mediation it’s important to take a structured approach about what is wanted to settle the dispute.

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09 Oct 2015

Going to court to have disputes determined has just got more expensive. The new court issue fees mean it now costs £10,000 to issue a claim of £200,000, rather than £1,515.

But do you really need to go to court?

Happily the answer is no because disputes CAN be settled long before this arises, either voluntarily or under direction through the Civil Procedure Rules.

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A Better Way to Resolve Disputes

08 Oct 2015

Unfortunately the scenario was distressingly common. The property owner engaged a builder to carry out alterations and extensions to his home. Skimpy drawings were prepared by a non-professional, before a rough and ready estimate was given by the building contractor. The works were carried out, but came to an early end when the property owner refused to pay any more money.

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