What is Mediation

We help parties sort out disputes by mediation, which might be thought of as a managed negotiation meeting. One of out mediators will act as an independent neutral. A typical mediation meeting will involve:

  • A joint opening meeting
    Each party has the oppurtunity to have its say and explain their view of the case.
  • Private and confidential meetings
    The mediator meets with each side in their privare rooms a number of times, working with them to find a solution that each side can agree to.
  • Further joint meetings
    Sometimes there will be more joint meetings if the mediator thinks they will be useful.
  • Settlement agreement
    If an agreement is reached it is written up (usually by the lawyers) and signed to create a binding settlement.

 Telephone Mediation

One of our mediators can help you resolve lower value disputes by acting as independente neutral to amange negotiations by telephone:

  • Confidential
    The mediator will speak to each side privately by telephone gathering information about the dispute.
  • Solutions
    The mediator will work with the parties to help them uncover their own solution to the dispute and will deliver offers made by the parties.
  • Settlement
    If the agreement is reached it will be written up (usually ny the lawyers) and signed by each side to create a binding settlement.